March 17 2020 – Update

Just a short update today…

Some operational updates to report as we move to adapt to the current realities of ‘social-distancing’.  Again, this means for the time-being – no meetings together at the church – but we are figuring out ways to continue, and in-fact grow our communication with each other.

Earlier today the Care Committee met via conference call and will be rolling out regular ‘checking-in’ with each other.  They are taking on the roll of doing this in a more ‘official’ or ‘intentional’ capacity – but they would and will encourage you to reach out to each other to express care and support during this more isolated time.

Pastor is learning about and starting to practice skills to bring some of our teaching, devotionals, and hopefully even worship online.

Remember, the best thing you can do to help communication is to make sure Pastor has the best ways to reach you up-to-date.

Let Pastor know if you want to a) receive regular church family emails / news-updates, b) be on the email – prayer-chain, c) get signed up for Right-Now media – an online library of kids videos and Bible studies.

If you are part of a committee – expect that meetings will go forward – at this time via conference call.

Blessings to you.  Praying without ceasing for the peace of God to rule in our hearts.


Bloomington Gospel Church COVID-19 Updates