Friday Recap – March 20 2020

It’s Friday. So here’s the weekend – but not like weekends we’re used to. This week seems to have brought more changes than the week before and here at BGC we’ve been adapting. We are trying to keep you up-to-date and included in all that’s going on here. Part of that will be Friday Recaps to sum up the week – and here’s the first one:

Changes to Programming at BGC

Following the recommendations and subsequent directives of our governments and health officials we are not currently holding services or meetings at BGC. This means no Sunday school, Sunday Worship Services, or Small Group Bible Studies — IN PERSON. Instead we are stepping up other forms of communication with each other including phone-calls, emails, updates via the website – and coming this weekend – messages online with special music in the works. (More details on Sunday messages and interaction to follow). Our leadership teams and committees have been meeting via conference calls, which seems to be working ok! Our hope is that we feel just as connected with each other and continue encouraging each other in meaningful ways even while we cannot meet face to face.

What we can do together.

We’re all learning how to do church together in a new situation – so we would encourage everyone to take part in sharing and caring for each other in new and old ways – that are just ‘different’ from what we are used to.

In terms of supporting the ongoing ministry, the Trustees have encouraged us to use the online giving available through the church website (, mailing or dropping off cheques to the church postbox. A bank deposit will be done once a week starting next Saturday.

Today’s Recommended Reading

What are you reading these days? With so much media coverage of the quickly changing impact of this virus we could easily feel overwhelmed. Have you read something recently that helped you with perspective or outlook? Feel free to share it. Pass it along to Pastor and he’ll use some of them to pass along to others. Here’s one that helps us answer “What can we do?”

Bloomington Gospel Church COVID-19 Updates