COVID UPDATE – March 14 2020

Hello BGC Church Family,

I hope you have had opportunity to read yesterday’s email / update…  If not – please do so.

Today we would like to clarify that you should feel free to stay home if you or your family have any concern about being out.  Yes – for now the church will be open at the regular times – but you are not required or expected.  Even if you have a regular role in our services or behind the scenes in serving – at this time you should not feel that you are disappointing anyone by choosing to stay home.  We are instructed (Hebrews 10:25) to “not give up meeting together” – but missing services doesn’t mean we are giving it up (or even in a habit).  This verse clarifies that we need to continue to encourage each other – and we will continue to encourage each other – even if we must do so without enjoying opportunity to be face-to-face.

Why the Caution?

The concern is that the spread of this virus be slowed so our health system can manage the acute cases.  It is possible that some who have no symptoms can still have contracted the virus and are unaware.  Health officials are warning that if you are older OR have pre-existing health concerns – you should be more cautious during this time.  Please consider these things and avoid putting yourself or loved-ones at greater risk.

For those who decide to come to church tomorrow – we will modify our time as needed.  Offering plates will be at the back rather than passed around during the service, please refrain from hand-shaking, and we would remind you wash your hands before a coffee and after a visit to the washroom.  Soap is available in the bathrooms, and hand sanitizer is available at the front door and outside the nursery door.

In Summary:  You can come to church – but please – only voluntarily, and only if you and your loved ones are comfortable with the risk of you being in a group of people at this time.  Remember – they may be uncomfortable with what you could bring home.

Love and encourage one another!,

Pastor Peter

P.S.  You don’t need to convey your intentions about gathering tomorrow – but you are welcome to – and it might help us to know ahead what to expect.

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