Praise the Lord

As we shelter ourselves in our homes trying to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, are we also trusting God? It is good to be reminded that God cares for us and encourages us to “cast our cares upon Him”.

Psalm 68:19 reminds us that God daily bears our burdens. I don’t know about you – but I could stand to be reminded of that daily. Every day, with its daily dose of news and government urgings to keep vigilant – we can feel discouraged and – for those who rely on outings and visits – alone. Each day let us remind ourselves and others – that each day God -who cares for us – will help us, stand with us, be present with us, in bearing our burdens.

A Prayer: Lord, thank-you for being with us. Thank-you for caring about the fears and isolation we feel. Remind us of your love daily and help us to rest secure in your eternal love. Lift our hearts and help us to praise You. We are grateful for each person who demonstrates kindness and caring to us. Help us to see your kindness and care for us and be as thankful to You. Lord watch over us. Lord protect us. Lord help us to love one another.

Monday, March 16 – DAILY UPDATE


The Elders have decided together that in the interest of being responsible and ‘better-safe-than-sorry’ – we will cancel services and gatherings for the time being. There are a lot of unanswered questions at this time but we are working to communicate answers and plans as they come together. Stay tuned as we increase communication and adapt together! Check back here on our website regularly. We will have daily updates (at least one every day) out by 5pm. Church family – make sure we have your email addresses – as we will want you to receive updates as they happen and may have more details to share with you.


If you are part of a committee – plan to be available for an email conversation or phone conversation – or some other kind of remote interaction during that time. Hold your meeting times and we will endeavour to continue to work together for our church family.

Bloomington Gospel Church COVID-19 Updates