Summer Small Group Study

Join us for a summer small group study group.  We will be watching and discussing the series Thriving in Babylon by Larry Osbourne which looks to the book of Daniel for wisdom in understanding how we can live for God in a world which seems to be turning away from Him.  We serve an awesome God who loves the world and has called us to serve Him in it.  Let’s be reminded how His plan works!

Dates & Times:  Thursday, July 14, 21, 28, Aug 4, 11 – 7:30pm
Location:  Bloomington Gospel Church

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Worship Services

Sunday Morning Worship services include singing a mix of hymns and choruses.  We are interested in learning new music (and if you are a musician looking for a place to worship and serve – you could help us with this) – but we also appreciate the older music that has been passed down as part of our heritage. We enjoy a prayer time together during the service that includes opportunity for people to share personal requests.  The congregation is encouraged to take note of each other’s prayer requests and bring them before the Lord through the week. Occasionally we will enjoy a musical piece presented by an individual or group as part of our worship service. Once a month our Missions Committee will update us on one of the missionaries or agencies our church supports through our mission budget. Each Sunday Morning Service includes a message from God’s Word.  The messages are typically exegetical – an exposition of a scripture text with application to our lives today.  Messages are usually part of a larger series as we work through a book of the Bible or section of scripture but can be heard and digested as seperate sermons.